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As explained under Mission and Philosophy, Be the Influence is based on several important bodies of research.  One significant study concludes that those kids who are allowed to drink at home are more likely to do so elsewhere, to drink in larger quantities and to drive while under the influence, which is something parents fear the most. The same likely applies to marijuana and other drugs.


Not only is it ill-advised to allow substance use by minors, it is also illegal and a conviction and personal liability may result. It is especially ill advised to allow kids who are not your own to use substances when their parents don't know about it.

Moreover, kids have a demonstrated need for bonding with boundaries and adults who set limits through what is known as "authoritative parenting". This style of parenting fosters a warm and nurturing relationship involving boundaries set with sensitivity and an emphasis on the reasons for the rules. For a discussion on "authoritative" versus "authoritarian" or "permissive" parenting, click here


Thus, our Parent Agreement is based on best parenting practices supported by research, realizing that every teen and family is different and what works for one child may not work for another.

​By joining our Be the Influence community, you will be:

  • Educated and armed with facts to help your teen navigate a social scene with alcohol and other drugs present.

  • Given the tools to reach out to other parents to ensure your child is adequately supervised in a home with rules against teen substance use

  • Granted peace of mind that you are doing everything possible to prevent and delay substance use by your teen

By making sure that young people are not using substances at your house you are giving them a safe place to hang out. You are also supporting other parents in their efforts to keep their kids from using substances until they are older.

Finally, if you are branded by your teen as being "the strictest parent out there". Ultimately, we are showing our teens that there is a huge community out there that cares about their health, safety and well-being!

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