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What People Are Saying About BTI

What people are saying about BTI

I reached out to BTI for help regarding my son with a marijuana use disorder. They were invaluable in providing me with an array of local resources.


– Sarah H. | Mill Valley, CA

What people are saying about BTI

As a freshman parent, I

didn’t know a lot of my daughter’s new friends or their parents. When my daughter invited a new friend to sleep over, I received a phone call from her mother, who told me how reassured she was that I was a BTI parent. I told her I felt the same way about her! 


– Allison F. | Larkspur, CA

What people are saying about BTI

I am so moved by what BTI

is doing for our community.  Fantastic newsletters and incredible resources. I use your resources regularly.

I could not be more grateful

for the hard work that has gone into each newsletter.


– Polly Ely, Parent and 

Marriage & Family Therapist

Corte Madera, CA

What people are saying about BTI

My son didn’t come home by his curfew and I couldn’t reach him. Fortunately, I was able to reach out to his friend’s parents using the BTI parent directory and together we located the boys at a party.


– Jennifer T. | Tiburon, CA

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