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“420” On Saturday, April 20!

"420" or April 20th is coming up. And its on a Saturday this year. The date has evolved into an

unofficial “holiday” for some and is observed by smoking, vaping or otherwise consuming

cannabis. With cannabis legalization happening around the world, 420 is getting bigger every year. How did this global phenomenon get its start? It all began in Marin County, California many years ago. Read about the definitive, colorful history of 420 here.

420 references are everywhere these days and they give parents the perfect opportunity to discuss cannabis with your child. For BTI tips on starting and keeping up conversation going, click here. Know the health risks of adolescent use of cannabis and share these facts with your child. Warn them that ER visits due to cannabis use are not uncommon these days with the increasing potency of THC levels in edibles and concentrates - so they should not be afraid of seeking medical help.

In particular, be sure to discuss the dangers of driving under the influence of cannabis, which many teens think of as safe. Read more about the effects of driving high here. For the past 25 years, there has been a 12% increase in driving fatalities on April 20th compared to April 13 and April 27th - equal to the number of driving fatalities occurring on Super Bowl Sunday due to driving under the influence. So stress safety on the road with your teen throughout the day and evening on Saturday.

It is not uncommon for those celebrating 420 to get high multiple times throughout this day beginning at 12:01 am and continuing through 11:59 pm. ​If you think your teen is inclined to participate in 420 this year, we advise that you

know your teens’ whereabouts, set up to check in's with them and make sure you have a chance to "eyeball" them over the course of the day and evening. For tips on monitoring your child, click here. And if you do catch your child using, establish whether there will be consequences.

Lastly, 420 doesn't only happen on April 20th. The term also has become code for a time to get

high throughout the year, especially at 4:20 pm.

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