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The Latest Trends According to Detective Scott McKenna: Harder Drugs

Detective Scott McKenna is with the Central Marin Police Authority (CMPA). He is serving his second year as a School Resource Officer at Redwood, Drake, Tamiscal and San Andreas. He is concerned by what he is seeing this year in our District schools. McKenna agrees with the Marin Voice opinion piece by Larry Fritzlan at…. Whereas at first Detective McKenna was concerned by the degree of binge drinking and increasing potency of marijuana, today McKenna is more concerned about the harder drugs being abused at Tam District schools. Cocaine is rumored to have made a comeback at Redwood and other District schools. McKenna has dealt with Coricidin (aka Triple C, Skittles or robo-tripping) medical transports (five of which were reported in October at… as well as other unspecified alcohol or drug related medical transports – one as recently as December 8. Detective McKenna is aware of not only traditional “dealers” on campuses but also kids who trade pills ranging from their ADHD medicine (e.g., Adderall and Ritalin) to Mollie (a form of Ecstasy) to Oxcycodone. Additionally, there has been a heroin arrest recently. ​ Detective McKenna cites stress, the pressures of living up to Marin standards of success, the desire to fit in and not miss out and the level of affluence as the main reasons for this increased drug use. He urges parents to throw away any unused prescription pills in their homes (there is a receptacle in the lobby of the CMPA on Doherty Street), to keep track of their teen’s money and spending and, if they are on prescription medicine such as for ADHD, to keep close track of their pills.

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