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Party Guide

Click here for the flyer (pdf) in English or en español for tips on what to do when throwing a party or when your child is attending a party. 

What Else To Do About Parties?

  • Never provide alcohol, marijuana or other drugs to a minor or allow minors to drink or use marijuana or other drugs on your property.

  • Actively supervise all gatherings of youth.  

  • Be present and aware.

  • Let other parents and adults know what you expect from them.

  • Let your neighbors know if you will be out of town or away for the night so they can alert you or law enforcement if a party is held.

  • Call the police if you know a party that might happen or is happening.  You could save a life.  You can report anonymously.

  • Always call 911 in the case of an emergency – even if your actions contributed to underage drinking.  Police will consider your efforts to address the emergency when issuing a penalty.

Where's the Party by Jonathan Scott Kelly Townsend

Where’s the Party? 
by Jonathan Scott and
Kelly Townsend


Part 2
The Party: What To Do 

Has excellent specific guidance on what to do
when hosting or when
your teen attends a party.

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