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Be the Influence was started in 2010 by Redwood High School parent, Laurie Dubin. As a PTA Parent Education Chair, Laurie was impressed by the new science behind the effect of alcohol, cannabis and other drugs on the developing adolescent brain. At the same time, she became aware of the fact that Marin County's teen alcohol, binge drinking, marijuana and other drug related rates were among the highest in the state of California. An activist at heart, Laurie resolved to do her part as a parent to combat teen substance use in her community and she created BTI.

In 2023, Laurie transferred the program to Marin Healthy Youth Partnerships (MHYP) – an organization in which she was a founding member and current board member. 

Under the MHYP umbrella, Be The Influence is able to reach more parents and joins other successful parent programs such as Let's Talk, Raising the Bar, and Numb or Nourish

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