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Check List to Launch
Be The Influence in Your School(s)

  1. Determine Scope of Parent List. Your Parent List can either be stand-alone — it will only contain contact information for your school’s parents, and not parents from other schools — or you may be a part of Parent List consisting of other schools in your area. We suggest the latter as our teens often attend parties hosted by teens from other schools in the area.

  2. Chose Security Question (Optional). You may choose a question to provide an extra layer of security so that only parents can sign up. It could be your school mascot, street or student ID number. (Once signed up BTI parents will choose their own individual passwords to access the Parent List).

  3. Set up a Be the Influence Link or Webpage(s) on your School Website. The webpage may have information about BTI and provide the link for parents to sign up to join and search the Parent List at or it can simply link to our website.

  4. Send School-Wide Email Launching the Program. The communication is up to each school, but click HERE for a sample email. It is also available in Spanish. The email can link to a one page description of Be the Influence as well as the actual Agreement. And by also attaching or linking to our Welcome Newsletter, ALL parents, regardless of whether they join BTI or not, can get the benefit of our parenting tips and other resources.


To-Do’s Over the Course of the Year


  1. Send out our Bi-Monthly Newsletter during the School Year. Again, this can be sent out school-wide. It will automatically be sent to BTI parents so there will be nothing for you to do unless you want to send out school-wide.

  2. Continue to Promote BTI — e.g., at Registration, Back to School Nights, Grade level Orientations, Principal Chats, Parent Education Events, Socials and through Principal/PTSA/Wellness Center emails.


Click Flyer to Download

This can also be a poster or banner and is available in Spanish.

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