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Additional Resources

National Organizations



A campaign to help teens stand up to negative pressures, or influences.


The mission of Drug Free America is to reduce teen substance abuse and support families impacted by addiction.



This group was organized for the purpose of providing awareness and education to teenagers, their parents, and community members about all facets of responsible driving, with the goal of reducing the number of injuries and deaths suffered by teens as a result of distracted driving and poor decision making.



A resource for parents, teachers, and students with continually updated Drug Facts.


A Guide on Talking to your Kids about Alcohol.


NIDA for Teens is organized to offer students a range of educational experiences as they learn facts about drugs and neuroscience, and to support educators and parents as they facilitate student learning.


SAM (Smart Approaches to Marijuana)

A non-profit organization which works to bridge the gap between the public’s understanding of marijuana and science’s understanding of marijuana.


Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services)

an underage drinking prevention campaign helps parents and caregivers start talking to their children early about the dangers of alcohol.




Local Resources

Speak Now Colorado has great suggestions about how to talk with your kids about substance use. 


SMART Colorado

Our partner, Smart Colorado, engages and informs Coloradans on the risks that marijuana poses to youth. The organization’s mission encompasses five principal objectives: 

  1. To advocate the interests of parents and children concerning underage marijuana usage

  2. To promote the use of scientific data in policy-making decisions 

  3. To limit the potency of THC in all forms of marijuana 

  4. To ensure the usage of clearly identifiable inside and outside packaging for all marijuana products 

  5. To establish strict regulations for the types of marijuana edibles and products entering the marketplace, especially those that appeal to children 

Smart Colorado is focused on providing important public awareness and education of marijuana’s health risks to youth, and awareness of regulatory limitations and policy challenges that result in increased youth exposure to the drug. 

Rise Above Colorado

A drug abuse prevention organization that seeks to measurably impact teen perceptions and attitudes about the risks of substance abuse to help youth make empowered, healthy choices.

Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD)

The local Colorado chapter of this successful organization answers questions such as “Why 21?” and “Can’t parents teach their teens how to drink alcohol responsibly by giving them small amounts under adult supervision?” Click HERE to read.

Colorado School Safety Resource Center

The Resource Center is part of the Colorado Department of Public Safety and features a one-page fact sheet on marijuana.


Recommended Books

Read Recommended Books.  Here are our recommended books for the Fall:  

  • Alcohol:  What's a Parent to Believe? by Stephen G. Biddulph and Marijuana: What's a Parent to Believe? by Timmen Cermak, MD, contain valuable information about the effects of alcohol and marijuana on the developing teen brain. 

  • Reefer Sanity: Seven Great Myths about Marijuana by Kevin Sabet, Ph.D is relevant to the debate about legalization.  

  • How to Raise a Drug Free Kid - The Straight Dope for Parents by Joseph Califano urges parents to advocate for "drug-free" versus "drug infested" schools. ​

  •  Getting to Calm by Laura Kastner (Chapter 13 is entitled "When You Catch Your Teen Drinking or Smoking") offers excellent preventative and "in the moment" advice beyond the "just say no" and "you're grounded!" approach.  Pages 233-243 feature different scenarios and strategies, depending on your teen's age, as well as practical tips how to parent effectively and as a team.​​

  • Where's the Party by Jonathan Scott and Kelly Townsend contains excellent practical information on the teen party scene.

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